Australia’s population has more than doubled over the last 50 years, but staff numbers at Adelaide based manufacturer, Maric Flow Control Australia, has been through stages of both good growth and decline during this time.

In 2013, Maric proudly celebrated not just 50 years of manufacturing products for the water industry, but record sales and exports as well.

Maric Flow Control valves are highly respected for their simplicity and effectiveness by hydraulic engineers, particularly in the mining and pumping industries, to the point where they are now regarded as a leading manufacturer and supplier of flow control valves internationally.

Maric - 50 Years Manufacturing

The Maric flow control valves are an Australian invention, produced in Magill. These valves maintain a constant pre-set flow rate of water over a wide pressure range.

The technology is based on a precision moulded rubber control ring in the valves body, with an orifice diameter that varies in response to the pressure differential applied to it.

The greater the pressure, the smaller the orifice, thus maintaining a constant flow. Customers include water authorities, filtration companies, pumping and mining industries. The history of the Maric Valve is an evolving local success story.

Maric Flow Control

The company was formed as Maric Products in December 1963 by Eric Schroeder, to manufacture his self designed water heaters.

These household water heaters had been manufactured by Mr Schroeder’s original business, Schroeder Electrical Engineering, as Maric Water Heaters. The business operated from a factory in Beatrice Street, Prospect.

The Maric heaters were a significant improvement over the existing instantaneous water heaters of the day, and had become the market leader in Adelaide.

Mr Schroeder saw an opportunity to improve the design of his heaters. If a constant flow of water could be maintained despite the fluctuating water pressures then water temperature would be constant.

At the time, the only flow control valve on the market was a very expensive American product. Mr Schroeder set about designing his own. He studied rubber chemistry, and built rubber compounding machinery in-house. He designed and patented his own valve, which was named the Maric Valve.

The Maric valves had applications beyond the water heaters; they were good for saving water, including costly hot water in the bathroom. Mr Schroeder re-packaged his invention into a ½” BSP chrome plated valve which sold well into the hotel/motel market, both nationally and internationally, throughout the 1970s.

Sales of the Maric Water Heaters declined in the 1980s, as they were superseded by mains pressure storage water heaters. Grant Schroeder joined the business in 1987.

The business was at a low point, but with machinery upgrades and Grant’s concerted marketing commitment, sales of the Maric Flow Control valves continued to grow.

Grant Schroeder

Grant Schroeder

The name change to Maric Flow Control Australia in 2003 acknowledged that the Maric flow control valves had become the core product.

Expanding applications for the valves necessitated adaptations to suit different environments. More recently, a patented non-return feature was incorporated into the valve to create Maric flow control check valves for use in the mining sector, both nationally, and internationally.

The use of EPDM, Viton, and High Pressure control rubber materials has increased for more aggressive industrial environments. Further developments have also included manufacturing valve bodies in Titanium and Super Duplex stainless steels.

50th Anniversary - Valves

Markets for Maric Flow Control now include industries such as water treatment, water authorities, mining, pumping, and irrigation.

40% of total production is for export, and includes Europe, the United Kingdom, the US, South America, New Zealand, South Africa, the Middle East, China, and Scandinavia.

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