Maric flow control valves automatically maintain a fixed, maximum constant flow rate – and are therefore often used to save water in homes, motels and commercial buildings in the following outlets:

  • Domestic showers, kitchen sinks, bathroom basins and laundry troughs – saving water in the home

  • Controlled flow – can also prevent scolding or freezing, when someone uses too much cold or hot water

  • Water hammer prevention

  • Drinking Fountains – controlled stream prevents frustration at the drinking fountain

  • Toilet Cisterns -prevents the potential “continuous flush” operation if fill rate is too fast

  • Water Heaters – keeping flow below a pre set maximum ensures gas & electric instantaneous heaters can heat to a sufficiently hot temperature

For most domestic applications, the use of Kwyflo type valves is recommended for more quiet operation.

Domestic & Commercial
Screwed Valve Type

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What the Maric Valve does

The Maric Flow Control valve is designed to deliver a fixed, pre-set, constant (maximum) flow of water – irrespective of pressure differential across it within a given range, typically 140-1000 kPa.
This means constant flow rate, irrespective of fluctuating pressure upstream or downstream of the valve.

Benefits of Maric Flow Control valves:
  • Compact – as compared with conventional diaphragm valves
  • Tamper proof – as these valves provide a fixed flow rate, it prevents unauthorized adjustment
  • Automatic – the rubber’s orifice diameter responds automatically to pressure fluctuations
  • Maintenance free – no external actuations or wearing parts
  • Self cleaning
  • Life span of up to 20 years