There are two ways to protect a centrifugal pump:

Ensure there is always enough water available at the suction….. and always make sure that it doesn’t run too far to the right of the best efficiency point.

Preventing the later is easily done by fitting a correctly sized Maric Flow Control Valve on the pump’s discharge – to limit peak flow rate.

From a pump protection perspective, this is the same as ensuring there is always adequate ‘head’ or discharge pressure on the pump – as per the manufacturer’s design specifications.

The Maric Flow Control Valve limits or maintains a fixed pre-set maximum flow rate. Constant flow is achieved by control rubbers, who’s orifice diameter varies in response to the pressure differential across it i.e. the difference between flow valve inlet pressure, and flow valve outlet pressure.

There’s always a certain percentage of warranty claims associated with the sale of centrifugal pumps, and in recent years, more resellers are realising that the supply of a correctly sized flow limiting valve as a standard accessory with the pump – has resulted in a significant reduction in warranty claims.

Once out of the hands of retailers – pumps are often damaged, when the throttling gate valve is unwittingly opened up to achieve a higher flow rate.

The Maric Flow Control Valve provides pump protection by preventing unauthorized adjustment.

Pump damage also commonly occurs on: high draw-down bores, bores with empty pipe work at startup, over pumping beyond refill rate, a burst in pipe work, changes to a pumps original output requirements i.e. duty or demand, rising water tables.

The installation of a Maric Flow Control Valve provides pump protection by ensuring that flow rate can never exceed the manufacturer’s intended flow rate for the pump concerned.

The Maric Flow Control Vales require no maintenance during their 20+ year life span – as there are no wearing parts.

Pump Protection
Maric Valves

Our flow regulating valves are better than gate valves and pressure sustaining valves, because (a) they are tamper proof, and (b) they impose less unwanted head (pressure) on the pump at the duty point, in a high draw down bore installation as the valve goes into the fully open position.

Please view our detailed PDF information for: Pump Protection

What the Maric Valve does

The Maric Flow Control valve is designed to deliver a fixed, pre-set, constant (maximum) flow of water – irrespective of pressure differential across it within a given range, typically 140-1000 kPa.
This means constant flow rate, irrespective of fluctuating pressure upstream or downstream of the valve.

Benefits of Maric Flow Control valves:
  • Compact – as compared with conventional diaphragm valves
  • Tamper proof – as these valves provide a fixed flow rate, it prevents unauthorized adjustment
  • Automatic – the rubber’s orifice diameter responds automatically to pressure fluctuations
  • Maintenance free – no external actuations or wearing parts
  • Self cleaning
  • Life span of up to 20 years