Wafer Valve bodies

“Wafer type” valves, is the term Maric gives to the flow control valves intended for flange mounting.

Maric Flow Control Valves are available in wafer types to suit a wide range of flange specifications i.e. Australian, American ANSI, British BS, and numerous other specifications.

Wafer Valve Type
Why choose wafer type valves ?

Wafer type valves are the obvious choice for larger size valves, however Maric do offer them in sizes down to DN 25.
Wafer type are more easily removed in larger installations than threaded valves, because there’s no need to rotate the pipes for disassembly.
A wafer can be quickly removed and refitted by loosening all bolts – and removing one completely, and slipping the wafer out.

Sealing methods

Maric wafer type flow control valves incorporate an o’ring fitted into each face, for sealing purposes.
These are ideally suited to smooth faced flanges.
Rough faced or cast flanges may require the use of flange gaskets.
A smear of grease in the o’ring groove will prevent the o’ring falling out during installation.

Maric wafer type valves are orifice plate style i.e. they do not extend to the “full flange” outside diameter (per image shown).

What the Maric Valve does

The Maric Flow Control valve is designed to deliver a fixed, pre-set, constant (maximum) flow of water – irrespective of pressure differential across it within a given range, typically 140-1000 kPa.
This means constant flow rate, irrespective of fluctuating pressure upstream or downstream of the valve.

Control rubbers, together with the shape of their enclosure, controls the flow rate.

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