Insert Valve bodies

Maric Insert type valves are the relatively small flow control valves intended for press or slip fitting inside other equipment e.g. specially prepared housings, manifolds, or water meters and meter tails.

Maric Flow Control Insert Valves are available in two main insert types:
Plain inserts. These are the smallest possible housing, and are generally press fitted, and are not usually removable. Five body diameters are available which cover the full range of flow rates, up to 233 Litres per minute, and suit each of the five series (nominal size) of control rubbers manufactured by Maric Flow Control.

Insert Valves

Special inserts. These are specially made to suit customer’s specific dimensional requirements for their OEM equipment. They are generally fitted with an o’ring, for the purpose of sealing and holding the insert in place. These are relatively easy to remove.

What the Maric Valve does

The Maric Flow Control valve is designed to deliver a fixed, pre-set, constant (maximum) flow of water – irrespective of pressure differential across it within a given range, typically 140-1000 kPa.
This means constant flow rate, irrespective of fluctuating pressure upstream or downstream of the valve.

Control rubbers, together with the shape of their enclosure, controls the flow rate.

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