Maric Valves

What is a constant flow valve ?

Constant flow valves generally control the flow of a fluid, in a pipe. These may be adjustable, or non adjustable.

Some types may also be pressure compensating i.e. maintain a constant flow, regardless of pressure.


What the Maric Flow Control valve does

The Maric flow control valve is designed to deliver your required flow rate, irrespective of pressure differential*, over a wide range**.
The minimum differential required to achieve rated flow for a Precision Maric valve is 140 kPa.

*Pressure differential is difference between the inlet and outlet pressure
**Pressure differential range for Precision type Maric valves is 140 – 1000 kPa

Maric Valves

Why use Maric Valves?

  • Valuable protection for flow rate sensitive pumps, filters, pump glands, and water distribution systems

  • The valves boast automatic, maintenance free, and self cleaning operation

  • The valves useful life can be up to 20 years

  • They are compact and are available in the broadest range of connection types, sizes and material types in the world

Note: Maric valves are not designed to control pressure.

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How the Maric valves work

  • The Maric valves utilise a flexible rubber control ring, with an orifice diameter that responds instantly to fluctuations in water pressure

  • As pressure differential increases, the orifice diameter reduces to maintain the pre-set flow rate

  • Likewise, as pressure reduces, the orifice opens up to maintain the pre-set flow rate

These valves are particularly suitable for use on poor water quality, because the flow controlling element is a rubber material, and flexes under normal operation. This minimises the risk of blockage, and eliminates the build-up of scale.

How Maric valves work

Quality Assurance – The Company

The Company has a recognised and regularly externally audited Quality Assurance System which ensures a consistent and high level of quality. Our quality assurance system is SAI Globals “Product Compliance Program”, PCP14.02 WaterMark level 1. This system is based on ISO9001.

WaterMark Quality Certification – The Products

The Products must also comply with the specifications of the appropriate Australian Standard. The standard for Maric Flow Control valves is: Australian Technical Standard; ATS5200.037.1-2006-FLOW CONTROLLERS. This specification includes, but is not limited to: Design; AS3688, Materials; AS1567, AS2345, Potable water suitability AS4020, End connections; AS ISO 7.1, AS1722.2, AS4087 & AS2129, Hydrostatic pressure test & water-tightness; AS3718, Flow rate; AS1357.2, Marking & Product documentation.

WaterMark Quality Assured
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