Although SA Water is unable to endorse individual suppliers or products, I am pleased to acknowledge the importance of supporting local manufacturers and the benefit that provides to the state of South Australia. In addition, I can provide the following Statement of Use in relation to Marie Flow Control (MFC) products:

  • SA Water’s annual usage of MFC products totals approximately 400 items per year;
  • The majority of SA Water’s direct expenditure with MFC relates to 20mm brass high­pressure flow control valves ranging from 5 L/min to 49 L/min;
  • SA Water’s annual volumes for these particular products totals approximately 300 items per year;
  • SA Water has found these items to operate to a satisfactory standard consistent with their intended use, and SA Water continues to hold some regular MFC items in its inventory for repeated operations and maintenance use across the organisation.

Roch Cheroux

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