Riverina Water County Council has been using Maric flow control valves for over 10-12 years as part of its water supply operations involving groundwater bore installations and on new rural customer’s service connections.

The traditional reliance on bore pump foot-valves to hold adequate water head pressure against the pump at start-up were unreliable, resulting in excessive thrust on pump bearings and increased wear & tear on bore casings caused by the pump starting at the extreme end of its pump curve (until pipes were filled and system pressures normalised). The installation of Maric flow control valves immediately on the discharge side of bore pumps minimise these issues. This application significantly reduced bore and bore pump maintenance costs.

Riverina Water has also been installing Maric flow control valves on customer service connections on new rural water supply schemes. This benefits both council and new customers. The council benefits by improved operational efficiency in its rural trunk main systems in maintaining more consistent system pressures during peak demand periods, and customers benefit from the significantly reduced contribution cost to Council’s water supply infrastructure even though they are required to provide their own on-site storage tank (and pump booster system if required) to manage their own on-site peak demands.

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Jason Ip


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