This document is pertaining to “Maric Flow Control”, and is in an agreement with “Pittsburgh Industrial Supply, Inc” as a supplier/distributor relationship. The first listed, “Maric Flow Control” is the supplier for the distributor, “Pittsburgh Industrial Supply Inc.”. This company recognizes Maric Flow Control as an outstanding partner. In our business relationship we have received outstanding service, knowledgeable help, satisfactory training, and great communication.

Pittsburgh Industrial Supply Inc. is very happy to have joined Maric Flow Control in a relationship. We have rarely encountered a problem and have never had an issue unsolved. All the shipments have been very punctual from the delivery agreement set forth and has only improved since. The amount of knowledge the company shows on hand has always been helpful. The response time of certain questions is very quick and we have all of our questions answered by the end of our work day in the United States for our clients. Data transfer for training is satisfactory for operating a successful business where we can handle many issues on the spot. We can always respond to our clients with surprising turnaround time and feel confident that the client is always happy.

The product distributed (Maric Flow Control Valve) is a very efficient way for conserving water energy and water. This product has a very large range for controlling flow rates and our clients are very pleased and surprised at the durability and effectiveness of the product. The different design of the valves lets this valve be useful in very many applications and for many different jobs from heavy equipment mining jobs to subtle prototypes.

We are pleased to be a distributor and look forward to an ongoing and progressing relationship with Maric Flow Control and would like to see the business prosper and move forward in the future.


George Navarro
Export Manager

Testimonial Pittsburgh USA