I write to thank you all for an absolutely excellent product.

I frequently am called upon to supply stock and domestic bore water pump systems. It is quite common for the bore supply to be small, and, to avoid over pumping, we need to ensure that the pump discharge is less than the maximum safe pumping rate of the bore. Submersible borehole pumps are remarkable pieces of equipment, quite efficient, robust, and capable of high pressure and volume. However, being mass-produced, they may well perform beyond the stated characteristics. So we reign them in.

In the bad old days, before Maric became known to me, I would attempt to restrict the flow using a gate valve, partly-opened. But gate valves have a regrettable flaw – the gate is loose when open, and rattles in the flow of water. That rattle does two things in particular – it wears the shaft from which the gate is suspended, and eventually that falls off, closing the valve as it does so. Or the rattle vibrates the screwed shaft, and causes the valve to open further, or to close. Any of these action is potentially catastrophic to both the pump and the bore.

Enter Maric valves.

Now we have a fixed control mechanism. No errant child, or foolish adult, can fiddle with the flow rate. Presto, our bore and pump are safe from over or under pumping damage .. My favourite place to install the Marie Flow Control Valve is beneath the bore cap, where it is a concealed item. In some instances, I do not even tell my customer it is present – some customers simply have to fiddle with things, and what they do not know may save them from damage, intentional or otherwise.

So I !hank you from the bottom of my pump installer’s heart for this remarkable product line.
Lord only knows how many pumps you have saved from destruction, how many pump sales have been thwarted, or how many well-drillers have never had a job sinking a replacement bore.

My very best to you all, RB Howard.

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